Press Release: HIGH THERE movie sequel to begin filming in Las Vegas


Producers announce shooting plans for Area 420 at Las Vegas Hempfest

LAS VEGAS  (October 6) The team behind the hit independent gonzo comedy film High There was in Las Vegas this weekend, appearing with Tommy Chong and Afroman at the second annual Las Vegas Hempfest -- and announcing the start of principal photography on the sequel, Area 420.

The announcement was made by executive producer Sam Peters during an impromptu news conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where the fest took place on Saturday.  "High There was a film that took a pair of baffled and bickering journalists to Hawaii, where they uncovered a government plot to control the marijuana trade," Peters said. "Now, in Area 420, the pair will head to Las Vegas, only to expose a government plot that is literally out of this world. We promise sex, inebriation, real-life situations, newsmaking revelations -- and lots of laughs!"

Peters said filming on Area 420 will begin in late November on and around the Las Vegas Strip, as well as other cities and locations that remain under wraps. Directors Wayne Darwen and Henry Goren are reprising their roles as gonzo tabloid producer Dave High and his teetoaling cameraman, Roland Jointz.

The producers are now enlisting celebrity cameos for the upcoming comedy, which may explain the deep conversations Saturday between Darwen and fellow Hempfest stars Chong and Afroman.

"We're shooting in  Vegas, so we want to get some of our friends and favorites on board, including Carrot Top, Penn, Mac King, Art Vargas, Cook E. Jarr and Jerry Tiffe," added producer Burt Kearns, who was seen losing big in the Caesars Palace casino early Sunday morning.  "And of course, Wayne wants to include the wonderful women from the Hustler Club (site of the Hempfest after-party)."

Darwen is a veteran tabloid journalist, a founder of tabloid television and model for Robert Downey Jr.'s character in Natural Born Killers.  Goren is an award-winning news camerman and cinematographer.  Kearns, who is co-scripting the new nonfiction movie, is a longtime television and film writer and producer whose credits include the Burt Reynolds comedy classic, Cloud 9.

High There has been very well-received by critics ("A perfect film"-- ABucket and is becoming a cult favorite on BRINKvision's limited edition DVD and Video on Demand.

Added Peters:  "Area 420 is going to be High There on steroids.  Or I suppose I should say, 'High There on some super strain of weed'!  It will be everything folks love about High There, only bigger and funnier. And Vegasier."

Area 420 is a Sam Peters International Productions Unlimited presentation of a Good Story Productions and Rat Lung Pictures production.

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