Exclusive: Roland Jointz’s gas mask prescription for the Las Vegas Hempfest!

 Yes, this is a prescription for a gas mask.

Viewers of High There know that Dave High’s lifeline to reality -- his cameraman Roland Jointz, -- wears the protective apparatus gas mask throughout their adventures-- because he’s very susceptible to secondhand marijuana smoke and wants to avoid a “contact high” while he’s trying to work (or perform any activity-- he does not imbibe or inhale).

Well, in real life, the man behind Roland Jointz has the same concerns.  Henry Goren, who co-directed High There with Dave High’s alter ego, Wayne Darwen, took special precautions before heading off to the Las Vegas Hempfest over the weekend... an actual bonafide doctor’s prescription that allowed him to drive onto the convention center grounds, stroll through the vendors market festival, attend seminars, converse backstage, wander freely and be nterviewed on television-- looking like a civil defense instructor.

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