Press Release: Meeting of Tommy Chong and Wayne Darwen brings new attention to HIGH THERE film


Comedy legend Tommy Chong and High There star Wayne Darwen in historic meeting at Las Vegas Hempfest, October 3, 2015.

Ailing comedy legend reportedly "passed the cannabis comedy torch" to the man who plays Dave High

HOLLYWOOD (October 9)  The meeting of High There star Wayne Darwen and comedy legend Tommy Chong at the 2015 Las Vegas Hempfest has brought renewed attention to the nonfiction gonzo comedy film that was described as reigniting "a film genre made popular decades ago by the likes of Cheech and Chong."

Darwen, who directed High There with co-star Henry Goren, was at the October 3rd event to promote his film.  Chong was receiving a lifetime achievement award from festival organizers.  The pair got together several times during the day-long event, but it was a conversation backstage that drew attention around the world.

The New York Post and reported that Chong "passed the cannabis torch" to Darwen, instructing him to carry on his work with "pot humor"

Richard Johnson wrote:

"Chong graciously chatted backstage with Wayne Darwen, director and star of the cult comedy film High There.

“'Chong told Wayne to carry on the work of getting laughs with pot humor and passed the cannabis torch to a new generation,' said my witness. 'There were tears.'”

A photograph of the pair went viral within hours of the meeting on websites including 420 Magazine.

Chong announced from the Hempfest stage that he will soon be undergoing surgery for a recurrence of the cancer he'd hoped would be cured with cannabis.

Darwen and Goren worked the event with the High There street team, giving away dozens of limited edition DVDs, posters and collectible postcards, while also doing several radio and television interviews.  Goren caused a stir when he appeared wearing a gas mask, a trademark of his High There alter ego Roland Jointz.  He received online attention this week after he produced a doctor's prescription for the apparatus, stating it would protect him from irritating marijuana smoke.

High There is a Sam Peters International Productions Unlimited and Good Story Productions presentation of a Rat Lung picture, distributed by BRINKvision on limited edition DVD and VOD.

The film has received many rave reviews from indie movie websites, including A Bucket of Corn, which called High There "a perfect film," and Movie & TV Series Geek ("A perfect example of a memorable and really good piece of filmed cinema"). It was columnist Mark Day in The Australian who first reported the Cheech and Chong comparison.

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