FANDOR on HIGH THERE: “Part Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, part Cheech & Chong. Watch with snacks!"

The folks behind Fandor, the streaming film site now offering High There for viewing on various platforms and websites, have written about the nonfiction gonzo comedy and bonafide cult film on The Fandorian blogsite.

Check out High There on Fandor... and dig what the film aficionados at Fandor have to say about our work:

"If you’re looking for a journey through a different sort of subculture, we just added one juicy nugget of gonzo-bizarro alt-American history: High There, a documentary-ish movie about a marijuana travel series gone terribly wrong. This dark, reality-blurring comedy is the brainchild of Wayne Darwen, the famous innovator of tabloid television (you’re welcome, world) here playing his barely-altered-ego Dave High. Part Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and part Cheech and Chong, this spiral of drugs and paranoia may be a way to fill the void left by Hunter S. Thompson. Watch with snacks. Fun fact: Wayne Darwen was the inspiration for Robert Downey, Jr.’s character in Natural Born Killers.”

HIGH THERE now available for viewing on FANDOR

It’s official! High There is now available for viewing on Fandor

The acclaimed, award-winning independent gonzo nonfiction comedy can now be viewed on Roku, Mac, PC, Chromecast, mobile devices and tablets through the subscription movie-viewing service and social video sharing platform that streams through the US and Canada.  

Fandor specializes in independent films, classics, silent films, foreign films, documentaries and shorts.  Most of Fandor's more than 6,000 films are outside mainstream channels and are from different cultures, time periods, and genres.

So High There is a perfect fit!

Fandor classifies High There as a “cult film” and lists it under the following genres:

Cult > Hyperreality > Quasi-Documentary
Documentary > Process > Personal
Documentary > Science > Pharmacology
Documentary > Travelogue
International > Americas > North American > American
International > Oceania > Australian

Pick one and watch High There on Fandor today!

Click here for a two-week Fandor tial.

Press Release: HIGH THERE appeal at Hempcon gains celebrity support for jailed New Jersey marijuana activist

Bruce Perlowin, AKA The King of Pot, supports

Roland Jointz and team raise awareness of the Jon Peditto case and defense fund

HOLLYWOOD  (November 10) The case of Jon Peditto, the New Jersey photographer facing 20 years in prison for cultivating 17 marijuana plants, is receiving wide attention after producers of the film High There publicized it at the Hempcon festival in San Bernardino, California.

A High There street team led by director and co-star Henry Goren and executive producer Sam Peters spread out at the outdoor event at the NOS Events Center, and gained support from "420" celebrities including Hemp, Inc. founder Bruce Perlowin, "Medicinal Mike" Boris of the Nuglife Radio Show, and local radio celebrities Robert Porter and Deborah Coleman of the NBC affiliate KCAA-AM  radio.  

Perlowin,  notorious and legendary as a major marijuana smuggler in the Sixties and Seventies, served nine years in federal prison and has become a successful hemp entrepreneur.  Working the festival with his CBD Jeans company, he took time to commend Peditto for his bravery and announced his support of the defense fund on

Foster featured the case on his "I Love San Bernardino" program on Sunday, and High There star Wayne Darwen, AKA "Dave High," will soon be appearing on Medicinal Mike's show.

Influential figures and fans alike spread word of and outrage over Peditto's case on social media platforms.

Goren attracted attention to the High There team as soon as he donned the gas mask and baseball hat worn by his character "Roland Jointz" in the nonfiction gonzo comedy.  Many fans gathered to have their picture taken with the cult movie star, receive free copies of the BRINKvision limited edition High There DVD, and take away Jon Peditto informational fliers.

"Everybody loves Roland Jointz,  the cameraman who wears a gas mask to protect himself from Dave High's marijuana smoke," said Sam Peters. "That's funny, but the Peditto case is not.  New Jersey's Draconian laws are out of step with neighboring states, the nation -- and I'd say New Jersey's population.  All of us on the High There team believe that Jon Peditto should not be sitting in jail.  And everyone we meet -- to a person --  agrees."

Peters added: "How bizarre is it that we are in America, at a county fair site where marijuana plants, seeds and leaves are on display and winning prizes, where the scent of cannabis fills the air -- and on the other side of the country, a man sits in a cell for gardening that's legal in other states. Ridiculous is the word."

Peditto was arrested in 2012 for growing 17 marijuana plants.  He refused plea bargain offers from prosecutors because he felt the sentences were too harsh and that the drug laws need to be changed.  On October 29, 2015, he was convicted of maintaining a "drug manufacturing facility."   He is being held in the Ocean County Jail, awaiting sentencing on December 23rd.  Under current New Jersey law, he faces a mandatory sentence of 10 to 20 years in prison.

A campaign to raise money for his appeal is underway.

Contributions to the John Peditto Defense Fund can be made at

CONTACT: Sam Peters

Press release

HIGH THERE hits Hempcon with a gas mask and a cause

Roland Jointz, trademark gas mask in place, led the High There street team at the Hempcon 2015 Finals in San Bernardino, California Saturday, posing with fans of the gonzo nonfiction comedy, giving away limited edtion BRINKvision High There DVDs, and most important, bringing attention and gaining support for jailed cannabis activist Jon Peditto.

King of Pot Bruce Perlowin called Jon Peditto “brave"

Jointz, alter ego of High There director Henry Goren, personally handed out fliers for the Peditto cause, and rounded up supprt from cannabis-related business owners, including “King of Pot” Bruce Perlowin, the legendary marijuana smuggler and hemp entrepreneur, who was at the event with his new CBD Jeans company (“dedicated to supporting the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana”).  Perlowin praised Peditto as “brave” for rejecting plea bargain offers and fighting the the law that has him facing 10 to 20 years in prison for growing 17 marijuana plants. (Perlowin spent nine years in prison for his illegal actvities.)

Missing in action was Goren’s fellow High There director and co-star Wayne Darwen, AKA High Dave High. “Wayne was called on assignment, and we missed him -- and so did fans who wanted to meet Dave High,” said Goren, “but the street team, including Sam Peters and Burt Kearns, did a great job of gas mask wrangling, and helping spread the word about High There and the Peditto case."

The crew for Johnson Apparel, makers of weed-funny t-shirts and more

Reuben repped the Woah Stork cannabis delivery app

There was a lot of action at the Royal Blunts booth.

Roland with Robert Porter, creator and host of the I Love San Bernardino radio show

San Bernardino radio host Robert Porter, medical marijuana activist Deborah Coleman and William Elmo Cioci of Green Med Entertainment

Calibred and MotaVation clothing shared a booth

Sam Peters, Burt Kearns and Roland Jointz led the High There street team at Hempcon

King of Pot Bruce Perlowin shows that the High There DVD also has a cool back cover

Pot smuggling legend Bruce Perlowin autographs his signature CBD jeans

Press Release: HIGH THERE stars to appear Saturday at San Bernardino Hempcon festival


‘Dave High’ and ‘Roland Jointz’ will bring attention to case of jailed cannabis activist Jon Peditto

HOLLYWOOD  (November 6) The directors and stars of the independent gonzo comedy film High There will make a special appearance Saturday at the Hempcon 2015 Finals Festival in San Bernardino, California.

Wayne Darwen and Henry Goren, AKA Dave High and Roland Jointz, will lead the High There Street team Saturday afternoon, giving away free limited edition BRINKvision High There DVDs, posing with fans, and bringing attention to the case of Jon Peditto, a New Jersey photographer facing a mandatory 10- to 20-year prison term for cultivating 17 marijuana plants.

"High There is a wild, experimental, raw comedy," executive producer Sam Peters said this morning. "But one of its main plots concerns the incarceration of Hawaii cannabis activist Roger Christie.  The publicity generated from the film helped lead to Christie's freedom.  We hope we can do the same in the case of Jon Peditto.

“Peditto is the victim of antiquated drug laws in the politically-corrupt state of New Jersey,” Peters said. “He rejected plea deals because he wants to challenge them. How can we allow this travesty of justice? If the man lived in Oregon or Colorado, he’d be getting an award from the Better Business Bureau."

The three-day cannabis-themed Hempcon opened today at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino. It features live music, art, vendors, and carnival games.  Darwen and Goren are scheduled to arrive mid-afternoon Saturday, Nov. 7, and will make appearances at various locations at the festival.

The pair made international headlines in October when they appeared at the Las Vegas Hempfest with comedy legend Tommy Chong.  The ailing Chong was reported to have "passed the cannabis comedy torch" to Darwen, encouraging him to carry on the “smoking" comedy tradition pioneered decades ago by Chong and his partner, Cheech Marin.

The High There street team also loaned support last month to a rally of Falun Gong demonstrators in Santa Monica.

Filming of the High There sequel, Area 420, is scheduled to begin this month in Las Vegas.

Contributions to the John Peditto Defense Fund can be made at at

CONTACT: Sam Peters
The Alto Nido 1851 Ivar Hollywood 90028

Press Release: HIGH THERE producers lend support to Jon Peditto Defense Fund


"'Free Jon Peditto' should be a rallying cry across the nation."

HOLLYWOOD  (November 2) The producers of the independent gonzo comedy film High There this morning announced their support for the campaign to free jailed cannabis activist Jon Peditto.

Peditto, a New Jersey photographer and gardener, was found guilty Thursday of maintaining a drug production facility for growing 17 marijuana plants.  He's now jailed in Ocean County, facing a mandatory sentence of 10 to 20 years in prison.

Peditto admits growing the plants for his personal use, and is challenging New Jersey's outdated drug laws.  This morning, the High There team gathered to pledge to raise awareness of the injustice and the fight to free Peditto.

"We're in a time when big business is using the ballot to control marijuana production and distribution in Ohio, when the benefits of medical marijuana are recognized and legalized in many states-- when four states have legalized marijuana for recreational use!" said executive producer Sam Peters. "This is a ridiculous prosecution and a cruel and unusual mandatory sentence.

"New Jersey is in the Reefer Madness era, and whether that's because of publicity-seeking prosecutors or cynical politicians like the governor (a leading critic of marijuana use), it's ruining good people's lives," he added. "We shouldn't stand for it. 'Free Jon Peditto' should be a rallying cry across the nation!"

High There's producer Burt Kearns and directors and stars Wayne Darwen and Henry Goren  stood with Peters this morning, contributing to the defense fund and promising to use their platform to keep attention on the case.

Darwen and Kearns are longtime colleagues of Peditto's father, the acclaimed, award-winning journalist, television producer and filmmaker John Parsons Peditto.

The BRINKvision film High There is rooted in activism, focusing on the case of Roger Christie, the founder of Hawaii's THC Church, who was arrested on marijuana possession and trafficking charges and jailed for four years without trial.

Roger Christie was released to house arrest days after High There's premiere.

The High There team is gaining a reputation for its political activism. In October, directors Darwen and Henry Goren were in Santa Monica, California, helping lead a rally of hundreds of practitioners and supporters of the Falun Gong movement.

Contributions to the John Peditto Defense Fund can be made at

CONTACT: Sam Peters


Press release
Press release

HIGH THERE hosts Halloween hijinks

The High There promotion campaign took a spooky twist over the weekend, as Halloween-themed ads like these took over social media and Dave High and Roland Jointz took on roles even scarier than their ones in the film!