FANDOR on HIGH THERE: “Part Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, part Cheech & Chong. Watch with snacks!"

The folks behind Fandor, the streaming film site now offering High There for viewing on various platforms and websites, have written about the nonfiction gonzo comedy and bonafide cult film on The Fandorian blogsite.

Check out High There on Fandor... and dig what the film aficionados at Fandor have to say about our work:

"If you’re looking for a journey through a different sort of subculture, we just added one juicy nugget of gonzo-bizarro alt-American history: High There, a documentary-ish movie about a marijuana travel series gone terribly wrong. This dark, reality-blurring comedy is the brainchild of Wayne Darwen, the famous innovator of tabloid television (you’re welcome, world) here playing his barely-altered-ego Dave High. Part Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and part Cheech and Chong, this spiral of drugs and paranoia may be a way to fill the void left by Hunter S. Thompson. Watch with snacks. Fun fact: Wayne Darwen was the inspiration for Robert Downey, Jr.’s character in Natural Born Killers.”

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