HIGH THERE hits Hempcon with a gas mask and a cause

Roland Jointz, trademark gas mask in place, led the High There street team at the Hempcon 2015 Finals in San Bernardino, California Saturday, posing with fans of the gonzo nonfiction comedy, giving away limited edtion BRINKvision High There DVDs, and most important, bringing attention and gaining support for jailed cannabis activist Jon Peditto.

King of Pot Bruce Perlowin called Jon Peditto “brave"

Jointz, alter ego of High There director Henry Goren, personally handed out fliers for the Peditto cause, and rounded up supprt from cannabis-related business owners, including “King of Pot” Bruce Perlowin, the legendary marijuana smuggler and hemp entrepreneur, who was at the event with his new CBD Jeans company (“dedicated to supporting the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana”).  Perlowin praised Peditto as “brave” for rejecting plea bargain offers and fighting the the law that has him facing 10 to 20 years in prison for growing 17 marijuana plants. (Perlowin spent nine years in prison for his illegal actvities.)

Missing in action was Goren’s fellow High There director and co-star Wayne Darwen, AKA High Dave High. “Wayne was called on assignment, and we missed him -- and so did fans who wanted to meet Dave High,” said Goren, “but the street team, including Sam Peters and Burt Kearns, did a great job of gas mask wrangling, and helping spread the word about High There and the Peditto case."

The crew for Johnson Apparel, makers of weed-funny t-shirts and more

Reuben repped the Woah Stork cannabis delivery app

There was a lot of action at the Royal Blunts booth.

Roland with Robert Porter, creator and host of the I Love San Bernardino radio show

San Bernardino radio host Robert Porter, medical marijuana activist Deborah Coleman and William Elmo Cioci of Green Med Entertainment

Calibred and MotaVation clothing shared a booth

Sam Peters, Burt Kearns and Roland Jointz led the High There street team at Hempcon

King of Pot Bruce Perlowin shows that the High There DVD also has a cool back cover

Pot smuggling legend Bruce Perlowin autographs his signature CBD jeans

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