Dave High leads Falun Gong human rights march in Santa Monica!

High There star Dave High found himself at the head of the parade and in the thick of human rights activism Saturday when he was pulled into action at a Falun Gong rally adjoining the 420 Games Weed for Warriors march in Santa Monica, where he and costar Roland Jointz had scheduled an appearance.

The man who helped free Hawai’ian marijuana advocate Roger Christie from four years of federal imprisonment without charges (see High There for details) was called upon by Falun Gong activists to help in their rally and protest against the inhumane persecution still taking place in China.

Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) is a spiritial practice that combines meditation and quigong exercises. The size and beliefs of the Falun Gong movement was seen as a threat by the Chinese government, which has persecuted, imprisoned and tortured many practitioners.

Protesters in their distinctive yellow shirts literally pounced upon Dave High and Roland Jointz as they entered Palisades Park toward the 420 Games area.  Dave was introduced to activists, and encouraged to lead hundreds of Falun Gong activists in a peaceful parade down Santa Monica Boulevard and across Ocean Avenue into the park.

A reporter from the independent Chinese NTD television pulled Dave aside for an in-depth interview on his views on human rights, as well as the human rights issues brought up in the BRINKvision nonfiction gonzo comedy film,  High There.

“I, of course support human rights in all its forms,” Dave High told the reporter and the audience of NTD television audience across the globe. “High There is a film that reflects that.  And I’m proud to be its champion."

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