Press Release: High There star set for July 1st appearance on RT America television

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Wayne Darwen to promote newly-released VOD & DVD on 'Watching The Hawks'

HOLLYWOOD (JUNE 28) -- Wayne Darwen, director and star of the award-winning nonfiction film High There, will be the featured guest on RT America's 'Watching the Hawks' program on Wednesday, July 1.

The tabloid television pioneer and newly-branded "420 hero" will be interviewed by hosts Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace, and is expected to hit controversial topics including marijuana laws, government intrusion into personal privacy, network news scandals involving figures including Brian Williams, and the influence of Fox News.

Darwen, who worked many years as journalist for Rupert Murdoch's organization, was the model for Robert Downey Jr.'s newsman in Oliver Stone's film, Natural Born Killers.  Stone's son Sean is a co-host of Watching the Hawks.

High There has soared up the DVD and VOD sales charts since its release by BRINKvision on Tuesday.  The nonfiction "gonzo" comedy is both internationally-acclaimed and award-winning, having taken the prestigious People's Choice award at the Cannabis Film Festival in May.

Darwen is beginning a round of television and radio appearances to promote the film, in which he appears as "Dave High," who arrives in Hawaii to film "a travel series for stoners," but falls in with the local hippies and stumbles upon a DEA plot to imprison a local cannabis advocate.  According to The Australian newspaper, Darwen "has been described as the new Hunter S. Thompson-- the new king of gonzo journalism."

Since its debut in March, Watching the Hawks has attracted a young, intelligent audience four days a week, as it gives viewers a fresh perspective and honest debate on many issues ignored by the rest of the mainstream media.

RT America is based in Washington, D.C.  It is available on cable systems to 85 million households throughout America as well as online.  The show airs at 6 p.m. Check your local listings for updates.

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