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Award-winning, internationally acclaimed film released on VOD & limited edition DVD

HOLLYWOOD (JUNE 23) -- High There, the internationally-acclaimed, award-winning nonfiction film from directors Wayne Darwen and Henry Goren, arrives in stores and homes today on VOD and limited edition BRINKvision DVD.

Today's release of the gonzo comedy follows months of worldwide publicity, film festival laurels and international controversy, all highlighted by a prestigious "seal of approval"  award and rave reviews from Los Angeles to Anchorage to Australia.

The LA Weekly called the film "a trip, full of comedy and chaos," while highlighting its journalistic and political merits, as Darwen, in the guise of Dave High, travels to the big Island of Hawaii and brings attention to the case of THC Church founder Roger Christie, held four years in federal lockup without a trial.

Film critic Indra Arriaga, writing in the Anchorage Press, called High There "absurdly funny" with "newsworthy substance,'' and Darwen "an icon of his era."

In the national newspaper, The Australian, media columnist Mark Day wrote that High There is a "labour of love... hailed as a minor masterpiece (that) reignites a film genre made popular decades ago by the likes of Cheech and Chong... and its producer/star... described as the new Hunter S. Thompson — the new king of gonzo journalism."

In a bizarre twist, the septuagenarian returned to his typewriter the following week to declare the film "is not my cup of tea," a reversal some attributed to Darwen's criticism of Robert Downey Jr.'s attack on independent films and journalists.  While Darwen was the model for Downey Jr.,'s newsman in the film Natural Born Killers, Day's wife is a high-powered manager of Hollywood megastars.

The controversy was overshadowed by High There's win of the Viewers Choice ("The People's Choice") Award at the first Cannabis Film Festival in the marijuana-growing  mecca, Humboldt County.

High There is a Sam Peters International Productions Unlimited and Good Story Productions presentation of a Rat Lung picture.  It's being delivered to homes today via, and on sale in stores, and other sites.  A full list of the Video On Demand resources will follow.  More information is available at

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