Exclusive! Photos from the HIGH THERE launch party in Hollywood

photos by Anthony Aguilar

It was a powerful, loud and oddly smokeless evening as legendary tabloid figures, top award-winning producers and an adult film star were among the crowd at the trendy El Bar in Hollywood last night to celebrate the release of the gonzo comedy film High There.

Wayne Darwen show Peter Brennan a fresh copy of the High There DVD 

With the limited edition DVD selling out its first run on Amazon.com and sales figures sending the disc and  VOD skyrocketing up the sales ranks on Tuesday, there was reason to celebrate for directors and stars Wayne Darwen and Henry Goren, who were in attendance along with with producer Burt Kearns, associate producer Doug Bruckner, production assistant Sam Kearns, and in a rare North American appearance, the film's executive producer and public relations legend, the Hong Kong-based Sam Peters.

A face in the crowd: Executive producer Sam Peters can be seen at end of bar, under painting

Darwen, Kearns and Bruckner formed part of a tabloid reunion at the El Bar, as they were joined by by their mentor and former boss, Emmy-award winning producer and tabloid television founder Peter Brennan, his wife and P&L Media partner, Emmy-winning producer Lisa Lew and producer and former Premier Story host Alison Holloway. All in the group worked together twenty years ago, breaking news in the OJ Simpson case.

Burt Kearns and Peter Brennan always had noses for news.
Lisa Lew and Alison Holloway

Also seen among the crowd at El Bar were television producer Michael Braverman, photographer and producer Liz Diaz de Leon, chef and producer Fletcher Brennan, producer Anthony Aguilar and adult film star Sheila Marie, a longtime friend of Darwen, who described the actress and dancer as Dave High's girlfriend."

Darwen, Brennan, and the man who faced Manson, Doug Bruckner

Liz Diaz de Leon, Fletcher Brennan and Darwen listen to the Master

Dave & Roland share the gas mask... 

...with porn star Sheila Marie!

Not Sam Peters! Michael Braverman proves equally camera shy.

High There production assistant Sam Kearns is associate producer of the team's next project, Area 420.

Liz Diaz de Leon and Lisa Desai

Dave High has eyes for his girlfriend

Okay, more than eyes...

The producers outside El Bar -- having a smoke, maybe?

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