Press Release: As "HIGH THERE" nears release, everybody loves Wayne Darwen

For immediate release:

"Dave High" hits radio, television and podcasts for June 23rd VOD & limited edition DVD

Wayne Darwen & fan show off High There DVD cover art

HOLLYWOOD (JUNE 17) -- With less than a week until the release of his award-winning, internationally-acclaimed nonfiction comedy HIGH THERE, the film's director and star Wayne Darwen just may be the most wanted man in America.

The veteran producer and tabloid television pioneer, who appears in the film as "Dave High," is in demand -- and available -- for interviews on television, radio and podcasts.

Topics for the colorful Darwen include:

* High There's beginnings as a misguided attempt at filming a television travelogue series -- for stoners;

* Darwen and co-director Henry Goren being mistaken for DEA agents ("narcs") when they arrived in Hawaii;

* How High There helped free Hawaiian marijuana activist (THC Church founder) Roger Christie from four years of federal detention without a trial;

* Roseanne Barr's uncredited cameo in the film;

* Whether Darwen was actually stoned for the entire High There shoot;

* The depiction of mature, sexual women in High There, hailed as a revolutionary smack at Hollywood sexism and ageism;

* High There's win as "Viewers' Choice" at the first Cannabis Film Festival in marijuana growing mecca, Humboldt County;

* How Darwen came to be the model for Robert Downey Jr.'s newsman "Wayne Gale" in Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers;

* Darwen's international headline-generating  blast of Downey Jr. after the movie star's attack on journalists and independent films;

* Comparisons of Darwen to Hunter S. Thompson, Cheech & Chong -- and Peter Sellers(!);

* Changing marijuana laws, political correctness and free speech issues;

* Darwen's pioneering work in the early days of tabloid television, and its influence on television today;

* His work and relationships with personalities including Geraldo Rivera, Michael Jackson and Son of Sam Killer David Berkowitz;

 *His reputation, immortalized in the book Tabloid Baby, as an "Aussie pirate with rock star locks and an exorcist growl."

High There will be released June 23rd on VOD and limited edition DVD by  independent distributor BRINKvision. In recent weeks, the film has generated headlines and overwhelmingly positive reviews.  Accolades have come from publications including Los Angeles' LA Weekly, ("A trip,  full of comedy and chaos!") Alaska's Anchorage Weekly ("Absurdly funny!") and the national newspaper The Australian ("hailed as a minor masterpiece, reignites a film genre made popular decades ago by the likes of Cheech and Chong!").

High There is a dark nonfiction comedy following Darwen in the guise of journalist-producer "Dave High," as he heads to Hawaii to film a marijuana travel series, only to become lost in a fog of drugs, sex and paranoia -- and uncover a DEA plot to keep a local marijuana activist in prison without a trial.

It is directed by Darwen and cinematographer/co-star Henry Goren.  High There is is a Sam Peters International Productions Unlimited and Good Story Productions presentation of a Rat Lung Picture.

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