Press Release: HIGH THERE touted as alternative to "whitewashed" Aloha movie


 After Cameron Crowe movie is accused of misrepresenting Hawaiian population, High There producers promise "a rainbow of real-life native potheads"

Gonzo comedy film set for June 23rd release

HOLLYWOOD (MAY 27) -- In wake of criticism of the new studio movie 'Aloha' for alleged unfair racial representation of Hawaii, producers of the new nonfiction comedy 'High There' promise viewers will have to wait only a few weeks to see the native population depicted in all its uncensored glory.

High There, set for release on BRINKvision DVD and On Demand on June 23rd (four weeks after the controversial Aloha), is a dark nonfiction comedy about a television producer who ventures to the Big Island to shoot a stoner travel series, but instead settles in with freewheeling stoners and other locals in the town of Pahoa.

"High There presents a rainbow of real-life native potheads -- every shade of Hawaiian of all ages," says writer/director Wayne Darwen, who stars as Dave High. "And many of them are naked! There's no whitewashing of anything in this picture, believe me!"

"Our movie is the first in recent memory to show Hawaii as more than an exotic backdrop for rich white movie stars," says co-director and co-star Henry Goren. "I lived and worked in Hawaii for many years. This is the real deal."

Tony The Healer & Dave High in HIGH THERE
Executive producer Sam Peters says: "Nothing against Cameron Crowe. I love his work and I treasure his book of interviews with my old departed pal Billy Wilder. But when it comes to authenticity, Brad Cooper's got nothin' on Tony The Healer!"

The IMDb page for the High There indeed lists characters including Surfer Dave, Alien Tom, LeAnn The Tile Lady and Tony The Healer as "themselves."

Adds Peters: "Remember this as you pre-order the very limited edition High There DVD --  one informal translation of 'Aloha' is 'High There.'  Funny that we're the ones saying 'Aloha' the Island way."

High There is on sale now as a pre-order on and other sales sites.

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