Press Release: From Australia to Aloha to Alaska: High-flying week for HIGH THERE

Nonfiction gonzo comedy film praised as "absurdly funny" 

Director-star Wayne Darwen called "icon of his era"

High There set for  June 23rd release on BRINKvision DVD and On Demand

HOLLYWOOD (MAY 29) -- Praise and publicity for the soon-to-be-released nonfiction comedy High There crossed hemispheres and continents this week, beginning with a controversial retraction by a septuagenarian newspaper columnist and culminating with a rave review calling the film "absurdly funny," with "newsworthy substance."

The latest critical thumbs-up in advance of the film's June 23rd release on BRINKvision DVD and On Demand came Thursday from The Anchorage Press in Anchorage, Alaska.  Film critic Indra Arriaga called the film "absurdly funny," with "drama and conniving... front and center." She wrote that its focus on "a crackdown on the cannabis industry as well as the ongoing detention of Roger Christie who founded the THC Ministry... give High There newsworthy substance."

She concluded by stating that director/star Wayne Darwen "is an icon of his era."

The write-up in the 49th State came as High There was being cited in the 50th state as a counterpoint to Cameron Crowe's critically-panned film Aloha.  After a civil rights group attacked Crowe's film for its alleged unfair racial representation of Hawaii, High There was shown on social media to present true diversity in and around the hippie enclave of Pahoa on the Big Island.

Wendy & Mark Day
All this came on the heels of a puzzling about-face by columnist Mark Day of The Australian. After a laudatory May 18th column mentioning that High There "is being described as a minor masterpiece and its producer/star is being described as the new Hunter S. Thompson -- the new king of gonzo journalism," Day recanted on Monday, writing "I should not have written that... I have now seen the movie. It is not my cup of tea."

Conspiracy theorists note that Day's unprecedented reversal came hours after Darwen was quoted in worldwide media criticizing Robert Downey Jr.'s disparaging comments about independent films.  Mark Day is married to Wendy Day, a high-powered manager of Australian movie stars like Nicole Kidman-- Downey Jr.'s costar in the 2006 film Fur.

Anchorage Press review of High There

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