Minor technical difficulties aside, the first annual Cannabis Film Festival opened with a bang with the screening of Wayne Darwen & Henry Goren's dark nonfiction comedy High There, and producer Burt Kearns announced that the film has been picked up for distribution by premier independent BRINKvision.

High There will be released on DVD and On Demand June 23rd nationwide.

The High There team made their usual splash at the festival in the heart of the 'pot farming capital" Humboldt County, fanning out among festivalgoers and filmmakers, and setting up a crowd-pleasing life-size cardboard replica of Darwen's Dave High character at the door to the historic Garberville Theatre.

Darwen and Goren signed large posters depicting the High There DVD cover and other items-- including the Cannabis Film Festival t-shirt win by theatre owner Brigette Brannan.

 Dave High, Garberville Theatre owner Brigette Brannan and Roland Jointz at a well-stocked lobby concession.

The festival was kicked off just before high noon by the CFF's charismatic director, Kellie Butterfield Dodds, who introduced the day's lineup and handed the show over to Kearns, who introduced High There.

CFF superstar: Kellie Butterfield Dodds

Festivalgoers alternate between laughter and gasps of shock as Wayne Darwen's Dave High fills the screen.

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