HIGH THERE named one of the Top Ten Documentaries of 2015

Several weeks into 2016, amid the Hollywood awards season, comes exciting news:  High There has been named one of the Top Ten Documentaries of 2015.

The accolade comes from the respected independent movie review site, A Bucket of Corn, whose chief reviewer rocked the documentary and comedy worlds last July, when he praised High There as “a perfect film.”

Now, High There is listed in the #4 position -- ahead of Academy Award nominee Amy and other, big-budget, ultra-hyped movies.

Writes A Bucket of Corn’s critic, Abraham Phillips: "This year was really not that hard for A Bucket of Corn to choose their top 10 films of the year. There was some wonderful Oscar-worthy spectacular films to grace the cinema, but there were those few movies that never get the credit they deserve. That never get the push they deserve because they don't have high budgets or famous people, or the push of Hollywood or the glitz and glamour of the red carpet type persona...

"All movies don't have to be put out by Hollywood or the elite makers of cinema, for movies are movies.

"To be a true movie reviewer you have to adventure outside of just Hollywood cinema or the big budget set up, for there are countless movies that never make it to the big screen, that never get the Hollywood push.

A Bucket of Corn’s Top Ten Documentaries of 2015
10. X-Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time
9. Batkid Begins
8. Rammstein in Amerika 
7. Unbranded
6. Human 
5. Amy
4. High There
3. My Brother’s Bomber 
2. Racing Extinction 
1. Matthew Shepard is a Friend of Mine

High There is a Sam Peters International Productions Unlimited and Good Story Productions presentation of a Rat Lung picture.

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