Acclaimed tattoo artist Sean from Texas says HIGH THERE

He's the most acclaimed, innovative, controversial and in-demand tattoo artist in the country and making a name on the fine arts scene as well, but Sean from Texas stepped away from his work to pose with a copy of High There.

High There director and star Wayne Darwen first encountered Sean's work back in May when he appeared at the opening of The Outlined exhibit at the Timothy Hogan Projects gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.  Sean's fine art was on display along with those of 
several other leading tattoo artists.

The Gallery site gives a very vivid description of Sean and his work:

Sean from Texas describes himself as an “introverted loner”.  His gut wrenching, child-like handwriting style, line sketches, and world-wide popularity exemplify a fascination with death, despair, hopelessness and morbidity.

The works in OUTLINED showcase often uncomfortable sentiment, hidden behind the walls we create, deep within the souls of human nature. Their simplicity is deceiving, as the messages are conceptualized and reworked until they tug viscerally at the viewer’s sense (or lack of) empathy.

Accurately summarized as New-age punk meets a depressive pop culture type of cartoon-infused depression, Sean's tattoo and art work styles have evolved over 20 years, often including characters from his life experience, caricatures of Satan, mutilated women, and floating noosed figures, while continually criticizing technology and its role in today’s hyper-accelerated society.

His controversial style has garnered world-wide recognition including nearly 90,000 Instagram followers and a rabid fan base that expectantly await his next post. His designs have been integrated into music and fashion, including a recent collaboration with Nine Inch Nails, further engraining his artistic influence outside of tattooing. He sold out his first solo show at Stone Malone Gallery in Los Angeles, California in January 2015.

Sean from Texas can be found at Tattoo Mania in Los Angeles, cross-country motorcycle riding, or on Instagram at @seanfromtexas.

We found Sean at work at Tattoo Mania in the heart of the Sunset Strip, where he was doing some work on High There producer Burt Kearns and (pictured) production assistant Sam Kearns.

Look for more on Sean from Texas and the High There team to come...

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