HIGH THERE on TV: Wayne Darwen (aka Dave High) is featured guest on RT America's Watching The Hawks

Dave High, television star.  Wayne Darwen, social commentator and media critic.  High There, promoted in possibly 85 million homes across the United States this evening -- because that's the reach of RT America television, where Wayne Darwen was the featured guest on Watching The Hawks, the nightly news program that uses conversation and debate to examine the  news stories that the rest of the mainstream media shies away from.

While Darwen spoke from the RT America studio on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, hosts Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace in Washington D.D. hit him on many of the major news issues that High There brings up amid its rollicking comedy and adventure, including marijuana legalization and unfair selective prosecution, and journalism issues Darwen is quite well versed in, from the NBC scandal involving newsreader Brian Williams, the influence of pharmaceutical advertising on news coverage -- and his old boss Rupert Murdoch.

High There was released June 23rd.  It's available on VOD and limited edition BRINKvision DVD.

Looking good: One last check before heading into the studio
RT producer Zubi Mohammed checks the signal before the interview
High There producer Burt Kearns sneaks in a selfie before the interview begins

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